An Evaluation Of A Team For A Medium Sized Insurance Company Essay

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I have been put in charge of a team of eight staff members, who will be my direct reports at a medium sized insurance company. The team is responsible for providing insurance services to the Manitoba/ Saskatchewan region, and has not managed to meet the collective financial targets in more than 5 years. Despite this they are good at what they do, though there is a clear lack of strength when it comes to functioning as a team. My goals as their new manager is to improve the team’s ability to function as one entity and to help them reach their collective financial target. I will do this by using techniques and skills I learned in my Essential Skills for Managers course, while studying P.R., Communications and Marketing. My first step is to look at the various problems affecting the team. Though the number of dynamics that exist within the team are listed as 11, I believe that it is possible to group some of them into problem areas, in order to focus on the main issues. After looking at the team dynamics carefully I have created the following issue groups: Inattention to results, Lack of Clarity in regard to both roles and goals, and Lack of Enthusiasm and Commitment. The first grouping I can see as a clear problem is inattention to results. In The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, the manager, Kathryn, describes inattention to results as “the ultimate dysfunction” (Lencioni, p. 71). This suggests that of any potential dysfunctions, inattention to results has the potential to
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