An Evaluation Of A Technological Solution For Healthcare

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This report is an evaluation of a technological solution being used in health care. The solution being evaluated is called “QlikView for HealthCare”, a Business Intelligence solution specifically designed to perform data analysis on the huge volume of data captured by the companies in the Health care sector to provide insights so that the health care providers can provide quality care at a reduced cost.
QlikView for HealthCare was chosen as the technology tool under evaluation because of importance of Healthcare Analytics also because of its growth in the past decade. The tool was specifically chosen as it is one of the leading Analytics solutions for HealthCare in the world as of today.
QlikView for HealthCare has many
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The company has been recognised as World’s fastest growing BI software vendor for five years running by IDC. QlikView is the name of the BI solution that can be customised to any industry such as Banking HealthCare, Education, and Government etc. The company boasts of approximately 32,000 customers around the globe, who rely on the BI solution to gain insights out of the data they capture for their business.
Rationale for Choosing QlikView
QlikView was chosen as the technology tool for evaluation because of the following reasons:
Boom of Analytics
The field of analytics is the one of the most talked about topics in relation to any field around the world at the moment. Business Intelligence Analytics, Big Data Analytics have become indispensable to big businesses over the past couple of decades (Chen et al., 2012). Business Analytics was identified as the one of the for major technology trends for this decade by the IBM Tech Trends report which was based on a survey of thousands of IT professionals from countries all around the globe working in different industries(, 2013). Therefore, the growing importance of analytics was one of the rationales behind choosing QlikView for HealthCare as the technology tool for evaluation.
Popularity of Qlikview for HealthCare
QlikView is a proven market leader around the globe for providing analytics solutions. QlikView for HealthCare, specific product customised for healthcare industry has also
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