An Evaluation Of A Technological Solution For Healthcare

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This report is an evaluation of a technological solution being used in health care. The solution being evaluated is called “QlikView for HealthCare”, a Business Intelligence solution specifically designed to perform data analysis on the huge volume of data captured by the companies in the Health care sector to provide insights so that the health care providers can provide quality care at a reduced cost.
QlikView for HealthCare was chosen as the technology tool under evaluation because of importance of Healthcare Analytics also because of its growth in the past decade. The tool was specifically chosen as it is one of the leading Analytics solutions for HealthCare in the world as of today.
QlikView for HealthCare has many features that support various operations within the HealthCare Industry or HealthCare providers such as Clinical Operations, Care Delivery, Supply Chain Management, Finance, Resource Management, and Hospital Administration among others.
The technology evaluation was carried out using the KDS framework of e-Health evaluation. . The framework classifies and describes diverse stages of e-health programs and then applies evaluation theories to each of these stages for development of the evaluation tool.
Introduction to Qlik, the Company
QlikView for HealthCare is a data analytics platform customised especially for healthcare data. QlikView is a flagship product of Qlik, a leader in providing data discovery solutions for self-service…
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