An Evaluation Of An Admissions Counselor At A Now Closed Proprietary School Essay

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While for-profit institutions of “higher education” continue to close due to falling profits, pressure from accreditors and federal regulators, and the loss of income through federal student financial aid limitations, many observers and commentators are attentive to the consequences for those students that fall prey to these schools. Few investigate or understand those that are or were employed at such institutions. Just as the students of these institutions were deceived, as an employee of a for-profit school, I was also led astray by such machinations. This is not to say that all for-profit institutions are inherently evil, though many would not exist without preying upon student populations of undereducated adult learners of color from a low socioeconomic background. Although I am not proud of my experience of working for such a school, the experience greatly contributed towards transforming my philosophy on power, race, and class in education.
Years ago, I accepted a position as an admissions counselor at a now-closed proprietary school, due to a desire to work in adult education and help underserved learners take steps towards breaking the “poverty cycle.” The training program I completed for my job taught me the intricacies of the position and more specifically, how to handle the students that I would meet. My superiors saturated my thoughts with grandiose visions of grateful students whose lives would be forever changed through the school’s costly programs.
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