An Evaluation Of An International Student

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John is an international student that recently enrolled into the univeristy of southamptom . john has barely used a virutal learning environement before , so he normally depends on google searches to find important information for his assigment . google searches don’t normally give him the answers he wants directly which means he spends extra time searching for sources that are credible which makes his search more time consuming . john would like an application to helps him get answers to his assignment faster .
Persona 2
Amanda is a 29 years old single female from malaysia. She has a serious health issue that sometimes doesn’t allow her to attend lectures. She mostly watches videos about topics taught by the lecturer for lectures she missed but she feels because they’re not coming from the lecturer directly , that they may affect her grade . amanda would like an application where all the videos of her lecturers are posted on and also an application that lets her communicate with her classmates and lecturer easily .
Persona 3
Fredrick is a 48 year old male lecturer . He comes from guildford to portsmouth everyday even though some days he has only one lecture to give . He feels coming to give one lecture and returning home is such a hassle so he believes an application that gives user the experience the lecturer can give can reduce the stress for him . He would like an application where he can be able to post lecture notes that can be read to the students and…
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