An Evaluation Of Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

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Verizon: An Evaluation of Corporate Social Responsibility
The environmental aspect of Corporate Social Responsibility refers to operating a business in a way that promotes responsibility and accountability for the environment. There are three main initiatives implemented by Verizon to meet their corporate environmental obligations. These initiatives are: recycling, reducing energy consumption and obtaining “clean” (conflict free) resources. Verizon’s commitment to recycling: For instance, Verizon offers a trade in program that allows customers to trade in unwanted handsets, tablets, and notebooks. The trade in program has enabled Verizon to keep 75 tons of e-waste out of the nation’s landfills. Consequently, this is a critical concern for the environment. Electrical and electronic equipment contain different hazardous materials which are harmful to human health and the environment if they are not disposed of carefully. For example, some of the materials in e-waste include: lead, mercury, and PCB’s. Reducing energy consumption is an issue at the forefront of Corporate Social Responsibility. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) estimates that there are more than 5 million commercial offices in the United States utilizing electronic devices and that 30 percent of the energy used by these offices is not being used efficiently. To offset this misuse of resources Verizon has partnered with the Energy Star program to help businesses conserve energy. Last
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