An Evaluation Of Intervention ( Rti )

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Response to Intervention (RtI) is an academic framework that has been adopted by school districts across the country to help create a structure in which all students receiving the supports they need to be successful in school. The RtI Action Network defines RtI as “a multi-tier approach to the early identification and support of students with learning and behavior needs.” ( An RtI framework addresses both academic concerns and behavior concerns. The behavior framework of RtI is often called Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports or PBIS. RtI has three tiers in which to address the academic and behavioral needs of all students. Tier 1 consists of high quality instruction to all students, including differentiation, and subsequent screening of all students to determine who is in need of further support. Tier 2 are targeted interventions for those students who are screened and it has been determined these students are in need of greater support than what is provided in Tier 1 alone. Tier 3 consists of intensive interventions for those students who have shown little or no progress with tier 2 interventions and school personnel have determined the student needs more intense and individualized support. As a school counselor I will be very involved with both RtI Academics and PBIS as a framework to work with all students and determine the level of support each individual student will need.
RtI Academics is a framework to…
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