An Evaluation Of Response Prompts For Teaching Behavior Chains

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Article Guide 5 Name: Chris Birge Title of Article: An Evaluation of Response Prompts for Teaching Behavior Chains Authors: Jessica L. Seaver & Jason Bourret Authors: Journal: Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis If you need more pages, insert page break Pts Earned Your Critique Introduction (.5 pts) What was the purpose of this study? (i.e., what question(s) did the authors want to answer?) • The purpose of this study was to evaluate a response prompt assessment designed to determine, for each participant, which of a variety of prompt and prompt fading procedures were most efficient in teaching new responses. Why was this question important to answer? (.25 pts) (This information comes from severity/impact of the problem, previous…show more content…
Method(.25 pts) Who were the participants? (How many, ages, diagnoses and was that diagnosis done by an independent evaluator, skill levels). How were they selected? • 10 individuals (range, 7 to 20 years old) • All attended a school for children with autism spectrum disorders and other special needs. • Experimenters obtained feedback from each participant’s clinical team that demonstrated that they were having difficulty making progress toward certain goal areas that behavior chaining could be applied. • 8 participants were male; 2 female. • 10 participated in experiment 1; 8 for experiment 2; 5 for experiment 3. • Due to graduations or conflicting activities, not all participants were able to participate in all three experiments. • 5 communicated vocally (words and gestures), and 5 communicated through an AAC (device or books). • All were diagnosed with autism, except one (Andrew), who was diagnosed PDD. • The study did not provide information on how they were diagnosed, or whether this diagnosis was done by an independent observer or not. Setting(.25 pts)-where did the study take place? • The article did not specify where the study took place. What participant behavior was being measured? (DV)(.5 pts) Specifically state how the data were collected and then state how they were summarized. You will probably need to get this information from the graph. • They collected trial by trial data

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