An Evaluation Of The Contract Planned Start Date At Putney High Street Project

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1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Wandsworth Borough Council (the “Council”) is inviting tenders from suitably experienced and qualified contractors for the provision of the Improving Air Quality in Putney High Street Project in accordance with the Specification at Volume 2 (the “Services”). 1.2 The Council will evaluate responses and intends to award one contract. 1.3 The contract planned start date is 16th January 2017 and the project must be completed by 7th April 2017. The whole project divided into two phases, this invitation to quote is for Phase 1 only; Phase 2 will be procured following Phase 1 outcome. 1.4 The award of the Contract will be based upon the lowest compliant tender evaluated in accordance with the methodology set out in…show more content…
2 OUTLINE OF SERVICE REQUIREMENTS 2.1 The Council’s requirements for the services are set out at the Volume 2 (specification). The main aspects of the service provision are as follows: This project is seeking to build upon the work already undertaken and commitments made to Putney High Street and review further options to significantly improve air quality, streetscape and urban realm on Putney High Street including the trialling of a number of new initiatives. 2.2 The successful Tenderer must undertake all preparatory work and must commence full operations under the Contract on the Commencement Date. 2.3 Tenderers are required to specify the type, quality and quantity of service to be provided for the Fixed Budget, subject to indexation. 3 RIGHT TO CANCEL OR VARY THE PROCESS 3.1 The Council reserves the right: 3.1.1 to cancel or withdraw from the tender process at any stage; 3.1.2 not to award the Contract; 3.1.3 to award the Contract in whole or in part; 3.1.4 to require a Tenderer to clarify their submission in writing and/or provide additional information (failure to respond adequately may result in a Tenderer not being successful); 3.1.5 to amend the terms and conditions of the tender process;

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