An Evaluation Of The Government Solution On Homelessness Essay

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An evaluation of the government solution on homelessness
Family is such a simple word and many people take their own family and home for granted. However, Australian society still has people, who can not enjoy the advantage of a family life, and do not have shelter. On census night in 2011, 17% in every 10,000 people were estimated to be homeless. The present situation is, 39% of the homeless people live in overcrowded houses and approximately 20% people live in supported houses (ABS 2012). The latest definition of homelessness is, people who live in temporary houses, have no tenure and do not have enough space for social relations (Justin 2006). Homelessness is a growing problem in Australia and it has spread quickly and influences to different kind of people. The rapid increase of homeless issues has influenced various people and the government should put forward corresponding solutions for these causes. This essay will introduce five main reasons which cause homelessness and the government attitude and will describe three homelessness issues and evaluate each of them respectively.

There are five major reasons to cause homelessness. The widespread reason of homelessness was mental illness and addiction. And then, it is family breakdown, especially domestic violence. The third is economic problems, including unemployment and poverty. Next, it is a scarcity of affordable housing. The last reason is government does not provide enough service for people. Homelessness is a
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