An Evaluation Of The Job Offer

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The job offer is a critical element in the recruitment process and must be executed strategically for maximum effectiveness. A mistake in the job offer stage could result in any number of consequences, including the loss of the best candidate, giving the wrong impression, and even legal ramifications. Clean Care Care (3Cs) is in a unique situation in the company’s history. With low unemployment and a lack of qualified internal candidates, Arlan Autospritz, the owner, is recruiting a manager outside of the local market and company for the first time. Many elements must be considered in crafting the job offer to Jane Roberts, the top finalist, including, anticipating a counter offer from her current employer, maintaining goodwill with…show more content…
In Jane’s case, there is a significant chance of any one of these obstacles. An initial salary offer of $33,000, along with additional inducements, may be a good starting point for negotiations. This will provide negotiating room of at least up to $35,000, a 10% jump from her current situation. In this situation, upfront and honest communication could benefit 3Cs. For example, asking Jane whether she was looking at any other companies or has any other offers on the table. Upfront communication can work to best align the wants and needs of both company and candidate (Maurer, 2015). The offer should be clarified as employment-at-will to provide flexibility for both 3Cs and Jane. This is particularly important in this case since Jane is coming from a different industry and without thorough knowledge of the 3Cs business and culture. Additional Inducements Considering Jane’s current situation, additional inducements may be equally or even more important than the salary, especially during any negotiations. First, it is unlikely that the health insurance details could be changed for one individual so the salary bump and added inducements must be enough to make up the difference. Options may include additional vacation, flexible scheduling, a signing bonus, and relocation assistance. Jane should be offered two weeks of vacation since she is about to earn that at her current
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