An Evaluation Of The Plan, Implement And Tract ( Mapit ) Intervention Tool From Healthy People 2020

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Baker County I am using the Mobilize, Analyze, Assess, Plan, Implement and Tract (MAPIT) intervention tool from Healthy People 2020 (People, 2014). I am creating a care plan for my aggregate, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD) in adults living in Baker County Florida. Baker County ranks second in the state of Florida for COPD death rates (Cox, 2015). Baker County is in a rural area and there are not enough health care providers or services for this community. The majority of emergencies that occur in Baker County, approximately 97% have to go to another county for medical care. Baker County is the only Northeast Florida County the federal government has designated as medically underserved (Cox, 2015). MAP-IT Baker County is…show more content…
There is a high percentage of chronic diseases that could be prevented if the community had more education, or participated in the education in the health department. In this county, there is an 11.9% of families living below the poverty level. These families cannot afford health insurance or access to the health care facilities that are in the surrounding towns, due to lack of transportation or funds. The rate of respiratory rated deaths in Baker County is 75% higher than the average for Florida (Health D. o., 2014). After conducting my interview with this family, I learned that there were several health concerns for this aggregate that were related to their dietary habits, lack of exercise and tobacco use. In Baker County there is a high rate of smoking at 28% and 70% state they have tried to quit at least once (Johns, 2010). The air pollutions ozone days is zero, with daily fine particulate matter @ 9.4% (Health F. D., 2012). Baker County residents have several major health issues as an aggregate that need to be addressed. Baker County has come up with a community health improvement plan to address the issues. The plan includes three major steps one; prevent chronic diseases, two; protect people and places and three; promote health and prosperity. The health department has set up many programs to help with this plan. The department has set up educational and awareness classes, mental health services’ substance
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