An Evaluation Of The York Police Department

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The definition of adverse impact is “the overall impact of employer practices that result in significally higher percentages of members of minorities and other protected groups being rejected for employment, placement, and promotion.” (Gary Dessler, page 503) Adverse impact plays a huge role in some companies and usually results in court cases and trials, with legal expenses adding up very quickly. The Baltimore Police Department seems to be in hot water with the city. It appears that within the police department, adverse impact is present. Even though the Baltimore Police Department may not have intended to discriminate, it appears that their hiring process may have just done that. For example, if there was an exam that the applicant had …show more content…

There should be a higher number of African Americans on the police force since the population pool of African Americans applicants is extremely high in Baltimore. Also, there are only 29 Asian employees out of 2,455. In the city of Baltimore, the percentage of Asian people who live there is 2.30%.
These examples of an inverse impact could negatively affect the benefits of having police departments that have similar characteristics of the population in that district. For instance, females and minorities may be important for undercover work in the area. Minorities who live in the area may also bring knowledge about the neighborhood that can make them better officers.
When recruiters are hiring someone for a job, they look at their resume to see what type of experience the potential employee has and what they can bring to the company. “According to the ethnic prominence model (Levin, Sinclair, Veniegas, & Taylor, 2002), ethnicity is a more in-fluential factor in decision making than other social category information. Ethnic minorities’ identification with their group might trigger actual discrimination because of the actual or symbolical threat as perceived by the ethnic majority and the more threatening nature of ethnicity compared with other minority characteristics.” (Eva Derous and Ann Marie Ryan; page 2) People who are of different ethnicities tend to be discriminated against even before they go in for the interview. Employers associate

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