An Evaluation of Apple's Threats and Opportunities

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Apple Threats And Opportunity Analysis Introduction The intent of this analysis is to evaluate the threats that have the potential to significantly influence the ability of Apple to compete and succeed, in addition to evaluating the major opportunities for continual financial growth. Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) generated $43.6B in Revenue and $9.5B in Net Income in it latest full fiscal quarter ended March 30, 2013, with the majority of revenue from new products less than three years old (Apple Investor Relations, 2013). Analysis of Major Threats To Apple The most significant weakness for Apple is paradoxically its greatest strength as well. Having streamlined their new product development process and the ability to quickly define, engineer and release highly profitable products that have innate differentiation designed into them, Apple finds it very difficult to move down-market. It's most strategic threat is the inability to thwart the onslaught of low-priced competitors that are invading its core markets (Apple Investor Relations, 2013). Apple relies on the highly differentiated nature of its user experience combined with a pricing strategy that further galvanizes its position at the high end of the market. Moving down market to compete is the most strategic threat the company faces. Second, the risk to the company's massive supply chains have never been greater as the product breadth and depth of the company is at a level of complexity never seen before (Apple Investor

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