Essay on An Evaluation of Grease

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An Evaluation of Grease

My film that I choose was Grease because it contains music, dancing
and humor. It is a cross between comedy and teen movies. It is a
tribute to the Broadway show of the 1950's. It was directed by Randal
Klieser and was released on July 7th 1978. The music and dance scenes
are what attracted me to Grease. My favorite characters are John
Travolta and Jeff Conaway who play Danny and Kenickie. I like these
two because they are your typical high school popular boys who are
always looking out for each other, looking good and they are always
trying to get the beautiful girls but at the same time acting cool
like it doesn't bother them. I had high expectations of Grease and I
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Secondly genre is the French word meaning type. Genres may be
approached by way of various critical avenues. In the Aristotelian
strain we recognize genres as kinds within a system of classification.
These categories beg further definition, so there is a history of, on
the one hand, the refinement of divisions and subdivisions, and on the
other a Platonic search for the 'essential' qualities of tragedy,
comedy, epic poetry, and so forth. By the recognition of genres we
begin to find our way in the universe of verbal artifacts with their
feigned discourses, and to train our expectations upon the experience
that lies in wait for us. Grease's genre is a hybrid genre because it
is a cross between a comedy, a teen movie and romantic.

Lastly representation is the act of representing or the state of being
represented. Also it is something that represents an image, an account
or statement, an expostulation or a presentation or production. For
example the representation of the characters in Grease varies. Sandy
is portrayed as a pure and innocent girl but on the other hand Rizzo
is portrayed as a bad girl who is always getting into trouble and
won't take anything from no one. Also Rizzo is sometimes mean to Sandy…

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