An Evaluation of Groupware Implementation: Delivering Value or Trouble to the Organization

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The essence of any effective technology-based initiative is paradoxically more based on the human side of the equation, specifically the change management aspects of the implementation, not the technological ones. In deciding if groupware is worth the cost and effort, the human side of their use needs to be a priority, over and above even the most advanced technological advances in groupware platforms (Denton, 2006). In deciding if implementing groupware in an organization is going to be more trouble than it is worth versus delivering significant value, the business process and human factors need to first factored into any planning effort overall. It is the intention of this analysis to evaluate how technologies can be used to support business processes, objectives and also enable greater change management potential for success.
Groupware As A Platform For Strategic Change
The rapid advances in database technologies and their ability to integrate across enterprises, creating a single system of record that can unify all the diverse information assets of an enterprise, is accelerating. No longer are businesses needing to stay siloed and focused on a specific area of their operation due to the partitioning of databases, platforms and groupware. A groupware application that cannot span the entire system of record throughout an enterprise is limited in terms of its strategic impact and…
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