An Evaluation of Library Databases and Resources for Use in Research

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An Evaluation of Library Databases and Resources for use in Research Assign4 Page 2 References BOOK CITATION Tsang, Philip, Kwan, Reggie; & Fox, Roger (2006). Faculty Perceptions of ICT Benefits. Enhancing learning thru technology (pp. 1-10). Retrieved from DATABASE: (NCU Library) - Ebrary KEYWORDS: Educational Technology, Internet in Education, E-Learning SEARCH LIMITERS: Education SKILLS IN THIS DATABSE: This is the first time searching using this database. I encountered many problems, even though I did view the NCU library tutorial. With perseverance I was finally able to navigate through the database. I need much more experience with…show more content…
162-166. Retrieved from advanced?accountid=28180 DATABASE: ProQuest KEYWORDS: Distance Education, Distance Learning in Developing Countries, Distance Learning in Africa SEARCH LIMITERS: peer-reviewed, journal article SKILLS IN THIS DATABASE: I was pleased to notice that my e-searching library skills were improving rather fast. I began to notice that the level of frustration I had up to this point was fading. At this point I am able to perform basic searches with a considerable amount of success. Assign4 Page 4 PEER-REVIEWED JOURNAL ARTICLE #3 CITATION Butcher, N., Latchem, C., Marwoyo, M., & Levey, L. (2011). Distance education for empowerment and development in Africa. Distance Education 32. 2. 149-158. Retrieved from DATABASE: (NCU Library) - ProQuest KEYWORDS: distance education in developing countries, distance education in Africa, educational technology SEARCH LIMITERS: Peer-review, journal article SKILLS IN THIS DATABASE: My skills had improved as I began searching for the third peer-reviewed journal. My knowledge of the database search jargon and my understanding of its application to the search process allowed me to navigate through the database with much less frustration this time around. Assign4 Page 5 General Remarks The Ebrary database was very useful because it is designed for
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