An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Management Accounting in Aiding Decision Making.

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Research proposal


An evaluation of the effectiveness of Management accounting in aiding decision making.

Statement of the problem
Does management accounting contribute positively to the financial performance of the organisation?

Main research problem
The research aims to evaluate the role of management accounting in contributing to the decision making process and financial position of the company.

Sub-Problems of the research

Modifications of management accounting in the current changing environment in the country (mode of production and business complexity.)

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The research hypotheses, assumptions, delimitations and limitations of the study shall be reviewed.

1.1 Background of the problem
Anchor Yeast is a sole manufacturer of yeast in Zimbabwe. The company was formed in 1957 with the intention of producing and supplying yeast to the local and external markets… Anchor Yeast came into existence in 1958 .It was a wholly owned subsidiary of Anchor Yeast South Africa .Mr Derrick Mills, was the major shareholder hence, he is recognised as the father of Anchor Yeast Zimbabwe. The drive to set up a Yeast manufacture in Zimbabwe was necessitated by the growth potential in the baking industry at the time that solely relied on imported yeast mainly from South Africa.
In 1958, Mr Derrick Mills forwarded a second application to the then city of Gwelo and was accepted since it coincided with period when the city was on the hunt for investors with the aim of reducing unemployment .The Company promised to do environment friendly activities like safe deposition of effluent. The company was also a potential employment centre. The company now employees a lot of people and deposits its effluent at the Anchor Ranch along Bulawayo road about 15 km from the site of the plant.
The company began its operations in 1958 but was only

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