An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Mission Command Training Program

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EVALUATION OF THE EFFECTIVENESS OF MISSION COMMAND TRAINING PROGRAM EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This study evaluated the effectiveness of the MCTP (Mission Command Training Program). Unlike the traditional training centers that focus on training units on the ground, the MCTP used the simulation programs to carry out training operations. The project provided the efficient strategy to carry out the training, maximized the limited resources, and saved the Department of Army fund for the long-term training project. Typically, the MCTP was the Army Combat Training Center (CTC) that assisted units in building teams as well as developing process to plan and conduct operations in theater. The top priority of the MCTP was to decline the exercise costs and maximize the unique capabilities of the units. The goal of MCTP was also to deliver a cost effective quality training to improve the knowledge and proficiency of the units without jeopardizing the training quality. The decision criteria for the research focused on the benefits to be derived from the implementation and analysis of the literature. The updated literature from the Department of Army revealed more benefits that the costs incurred in the operations because MCTP had been able to decline the annual costs incurred in its operations. The research collected secondary data that included MCTP exercise documents, periodicals, as well as informal interviews. The data were also collected from the public historical files and MTCP
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