An Evaluation of the Effects of a Global Advertising Campaign

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An evaluation of the effects of a global advertising campaign Advertising is a general method used by many companies and organizations all over the world. Those organizations or companies use advertising in order to increase selling of the company goods as well as services. More than one hundreds of ads are publicized throughout the mass media such as television, newspaper, radio, billboards as well as the internet. These channels are major tools that we use and see in everyday life. Nevertheless, not many products will be successful, nor become remembrance for everyone. However, PEPSI advertisings are different. This is because most of their customers have brand loyalty which probably the key to the company success. Hence, this report…show more content…
Pepsi created this ad aiming children as its target group in the hope to expand the market but the reaction of Indian people was far from what they expected. Pepsi advertising in India, depicting a young Indian boy carrying a tray of Pepsi drinks to the players of Indian national cricket team, was claimed by Indian child labour activists to promote child labour. Child labour activists filed a complaint seeking to ban the ad as they viewed the ad as the media trying to undermine the dignity of children and harm the sense of morality. They insisted the media should know better to take responsibility in protecting children rights. Pepsi, however, denied the charge. Pepsi did not believe the ad had any intention to promote child labour and in no way violated the anti child labours principles. Pepsi argued that the ad was about cricket and how the sport brings joy and excitement to the young. The child labour activist group involved in this case is known to have targeted other companies on similar charges in the recent past (Rose, 2004). As a result, the miscommunication in Pepsi ad resulted in the protest by child labour activists and followed by the prohibition of the ad in India. If Pepsi put this advertisement in some other countries the result might be different since all countries have different cultures and different points of view. One should think of every aspect that would have the effect on the people when it comes to advertisement.

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