An Evaluation on Factors That Influence the Choice of a Mobile Telecommunications Service Provider

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TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Executive Summary 3
2. Background 4
2.1 Purpose of study 5
2.2 Significance of study 5
2.3 Research Objectives 5
2.4 Research Questions 6
3. Methodology 7
3.1 Method of Research 7
3.2 Types of Research 7
3.3 Population 7
3.4 Sampling 7
4. Sources of data collection 8
4.1 Secondary Data 8
4.2 Primary Data 8
5. Data collection tools 8
5.1 Questionnaire 8
5.2 Validity and Reliability 9
6. Data
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According to Melody (1999) technological change and new service opportunities are factors bearing on the telecom reform process everywhere. In 1996, technological advancement saw the birth of NetOne, the first cellular network operator in Zimbabwe, a subsidiary under the PTC. However, in 1998 things started to change dramatically when the first major new player, Econet Wireless entered the telecommunications market. The deregulation of the telecommunications sector opened the market from a monopolistic market to a competitive multiple service providers. Currently, there are three mobile service providers in Zimbabwe, which are Econet Wireless, Telecel and NetOne, and the competitive pressure is high.

The three MSPs compete with each other to grab customers by proving a wide range of both basic services and value added services. The customers enjoy the option of choices among the service operators and thus the competitive environment causes brand consciousness among the subscribers and potential buyers (Melody, 2003). In order to survive the competitive environment, the service providers must ensure network quality, customer acquisition and retention. Table 1 shows the detail of the mobile subscribers in Zimbabwe, that depicts the market share of the MSPs.

2.1 Purpose of study

The purpose of the study was to evaluate factors that determine the selection of mobile service providers. Also to evaluate and understand the consumers buying behaviour
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