An Event That Changed My Attitude Towards Life

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An accident last year changed my attitude towards life . That accident had a great impact on me , it taught me to treasure what i have and to treasure those people around me more . Although the accident was not life threatening , it was still the scariest thing i had ever been through in life . It was an accident that no one would have expected and wanted it to happen . The accident happened sometime last year during the june holidays , while i was having my council annual camp . It was the second day of the camp and we were all playing the four corners captains ball . I love ball games , as long as it is a sport but who knew such an accident would happen on me . When the game started , students were banging and pushing everyone…show more content…
Honestly , it was my first time going to the Accident and Emergency department i was scared and worried about what will happen to my wrist and how will my parents react .While my teacher was doing all the registration i sat there in state of shock . It was really a blessing having my best friend by my side comforting me and constantly telling me everything will be alright . I was then called to do some X-RAYS before consulting the doctor . My parents finally came and just right it was my turn to consult the doctor , my mother then went in together with me . The doctor was then examining my X-RAYS that i took before consulting him . My heart was beating very very fast as I am a right hander and i need my right hand to do many things . Finally the doctor spoke , he said that there was no obvious or major fractures shown in my X-RAYS but i have to put an temporary cast on my hand. He then referred me to a specialist at KK Children Bone Specialist to ensure there was no hairline fracture or any small minor fractures . I was on cast for one month . My appointment with the specialist then arrived , it was a few days after my holiday trip . I then went to KK Hospital and got my cast removed as the specialist confirmed that there was no hairline fractures or what not it was only an inflamed tendon and the impact of the fall that cause it to swell . I felt so happy after my cast was being removed , but at the
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