An Event that Defines Me Essay

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An Event that Defines Me

There really is no particular event in my life that I can say defines me. Though there are a series of events that has shaped me into the person that I am today. The events that have defined my life have been trials that have tested my integrity and my faith. I have stumbled and fallen but have gotten up time and time again to only go further than before. There have been walls and obstacles that have kept me from being an individual that values higher education.

During my high school career I never thought that I would have attended a university or even a community college. I never thought of the concept of higher education though I was pushed by my parents to attend college I never
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Army recruiting offices. An event that stunned and shocked many people here and around the world was the events of September 11th 2001. This tragic and horrific event changed many things including my purpose.

After September 11th, I sat down a recruiter’s office and signed up to join the United States Army. I was ready to defend my country. Everything had gone well the test the physical exam and now it was time to find out what exactly I would be doing for the United States Army. I wanted to work in military intelligence and that’s what exactly my recruiter told me what I would be doing. “Yeah, you’ll go far in this field.” He told me. But when it came time to sign my contract saying that I would commit four years of my life to the U.S. Government, my recruiter told that the only jobs available would be truck driving positions.

I pleaded with him to find me a different job besides truck driving. I ran down the list from military police to accounting, nothing all there was trucking. I was not satisfied and I knew I could do better. I didn’t sign and when I didn’t sign there was a huge uproar from my recruiter. He was mad that I did not sign. He made several attempts to make me sight but I did not budge. I finally told him to take me home, I felt that he was not working hard for me and that he had lied to me the whole time I had been working with him.

My recruiter was upset with me and
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