An Examination And Evaluation Of How Each Of The Principles Essay

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An examination and evaluation of how each of the

four principles can be applied to a scenario pertaining

to refusal of care when it involves blood transfusion

Richard Sensalo

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Nate Elam.

Refusal of care:

This is a situation when a patient declines any or parts of any care. Usually this remains the case despite the effort or numerous attempts by the health care providers or physicians informing the patient about the benefits of the treatment.
Jehovah’s witnesses do have authenticated right to decline blood transfusion. Patients do have the right to decline treatment despite the fact that some may be suffering with a terminal illness.

However, exceptions do apply when the physician deems the situation to be dangerous for a vulnerable third party. If there is any form of threat or prevalent danger that could bring harm to third party such as tuberculosis, then the physician may refuse treatment. In such a scenario, the patient has to be quarantined and treated until they pose no more risk.

Examination and evaluation of the ethical principles in Accordance with refusal of care:


Patients are entitled to the right of declining treatment as they exercise one of the principles of care, which is autonomy. This principle gives the patient the right to make decisions about their medical care without their physician or health care provider coercing them to accept treatment or influencing their decision.
However, for a

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