An Examination Of Gender And Sexual Differences

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A theory is a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, especially one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained. (Webster Dictionary) Joyce Rosemary argues and sees it as an examination of gender (2013). This should explain only perceived differences between men and women but also the male dominance. Joyce Rosemary (2013) traces presence of the naturalization of biological differences to the initial arguments of feminists women subordinate the status was based on cultural reaction to universal female biology process such as menstruation pregnancy, and childbirth (Moore 1994) 10-11.
My paper will focus on these theories and discuss the way in which theoretical treatment of sex, gender and sexual difference are connected to what it is that unites and what it is that divides us as women and as feminists. When analyzing the role from the past and understanding the gender roles and gender identities it will vary on sex differences. I gathered that the power of men and women often emerges in the control of women 's sexuality and other aspect of their behavior. This will predict the behavior and other outcomes of the human behavior in society. It also provides strong evidence of the universality of a sex division of labor. In some society it’s undertaken and focuses more on men and other focus on women it all depends on which society you come from. Men are the resource of the family where they go out and do the labor work as women…

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