An Examination Of Post Event Information ( Pei )

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Another form of Post-event information (PEI) is conformity, in the event that an individual witnesses a crime committed there is always the potential that there are co-witnesses that also witnessed the crime, while an increase in witnesses may hold some positives there is the potential for conformity. Conformity takes place when one witnesses’ memories of a past event become more like another person’s described memories of the same event (Kieckhaefer, J.M. & Wright, D.B., 2015, pg. 462). Co-witnesses often alter their memory reports to coincide with other witnesses’ reports (Goodwin K.A. et al., 2013, pg. 91). If a co-witness is a friend or family then an individual is even more likely to conform to their views than they would be if the co-witness was a stranger. Kieckhaefer and Wright also found evidence that another factor that increases a witnesses memory conformity is if the co-witness is likable(Kieckhaefer, J.M. & Wright, D.B., 2015, pg. 463). There have been multiple studies conducted where researchers use confederates, research helpers used to feed unknowing participants information, to determine whether or not participants will conform to the confederate’s reports (Goodwin, K.A. et al., 2013, pg. 91). Furthermore, witnesses are more likely to alter their views when they are motivated to avoid deviating from the group. Therefore, if a group of other individuals pressure a witness they are likely to alter their experience to fit with others (Goodwin, K.A. et al.,
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