An Examination Of Project Management Success Factors And Best Practices During Health Integrated Infrastructure

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An examination of project management success factors and best practices during health integrated infrastructure changes. This term paper will identify the necessary factors for project management success when embarking on system implementation changes.
I intend to analyze and identify the potential value of leveraging agile iterative planning cycles to improve project planning while addressing project management success factors that contribute to well managed change management implementations deemed necessary for healthcare infrastructures. This case study seeks to highlight the inefficiencies and lack of alignment in regards to change management and project management initiatives. It will intend to blend the knowledge of change …show more content…

One of the most investigated and often deliberated areas in project management is the mysterious definition of project success. In order to adequately identify the necessary factors that contribute to a successful systems implementation, parties involved must clearly identify what constitutes a successful project. Many opinions revolve around delivering objectives within a specified timeline by consuming projected budgeted resources while simultaneously managing risk, change, and stakeholder expectations. Ultimately delivering a solution that truly meets the needs of the organization in the allotted time by leveraging planned available resources.

Now that success is defined, we can begin to identify some critical success factors for agile projects. Understanding and focusing on the following three vital enablers will help provide the best chance of success.

• Effective collaboration
• Diligent quality assurance
• Relentless focus on delivering

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