An Examination Of Tesla ( Tsla )

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Madison Benson- 4351213
BUSN313 I003 Spr 15
Professor Cassandra Shaw
June 24th, 2015

An Examination of Tesla
Madison Benson
AMU Student # 4351213

I. Current Situation

a. Current Performance

Tesla (TSLA) is currently in an emerging competitive market of green vehicle manufacturing. As demand for cleaner and greener driving alternatives raise so does the popularity for vehicles such as hybrids, and electric cars. The next few years will be crucial in solidifying and maintaining Tesla’s place within this market. As prices begin to lower for electric cars will the company be able to stay competitive (“Tesla,” 2015)?

As far as their current performance is concerned the company is doing well; its stock price has shot up 26% over the last few months. Some concerns have risen with the expected release of new vehicle models and expansion into power storage this year and Tesla’s ability to handle the demand in manufacturing and the burden with its single facility (Zack, 2015).

b. Strategic Posture

Tesla’s strategic plan is to excel at innovation, manufacturing, customer experience, and research and development. As with most companies, they aren’t trying to be second best. Tesla wants to be the best electric car manufacturer in the world. As an early leader in this new market continuing to meet the strategic goals and excelling in all fields will be necessary. Strategically the company needs to stay ahead of new trends and stay within the

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