An Examination Of The Problematic Areas Of Inequality And Racism Within Brazil

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In this research paper I will be conducting an examination of the problematic areas of inequality and racism within Brazil. It mainly focuses on the superstition of a “racial democracy,” in Brazil closely concentrating on the primary causes of exclusion among Afro-Brazilians: Race, Education and Political Power. In my research paper I will be revealing the consequences of the Portuguese colonization of the 1500’s, and how their influence established the creation of the racial hierarchy within the Brazilian life and culture today. It will also offer correlations between the concept of race and economic success. This research paper it will basically demonstrate how Afro-Brazilians have been cornered in a revolution of poverty and persecution that maintains to leave them criticized within their country with insufficient to no access to an appropriate education and political power. Later when the Portuguese already settled in Brazil in the 1500s, Brazil has drawn on many African cultural characteristics. According to Larry Crook in his book called Black Brazil: Culture, identity, and social mobilization, race and politics in Brazil, the Portuguese dependence on natural resources within Brazil needed an excessive dependence on slaves imported from assorted parts of Africa. The massive admission of slaves ultimately created one of the largest Black populations outside of Africa and fiercely modified the culture and color of Brazil. Despite this dynamic, Brazil has been

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