An Examination Of The Scene Where Mr. Weston

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An examination of the scene where Mr. Weston purchases Randalls in Emma suggests that ownership of a home is not limited to simply being a place where one lives permanently. This might be surprising because we tend to view our home as typically a place of residence where we feel warmth and comfort. You can see the different influences that owning a house, property or land can have on people in Emma and Monstress. Owning a home and land is indicative of one’s wealth, creates a divide between classes and causes marriage to be more about ownership than actual love and companionship. In an opening scene of Emma, Mr. Weston outlines the requirements to a successful life, “He had made his fortune, bought his house, and obtained his wife; and was beginning a new period of existence with every probability of greater happiness than in any yet passed through” (9). According to Mr. Weston there are three things that lead to a phase of happiness greater than ever experienced. Mr. Weston’s purchase of a home allows him to distance himself from the lower class, proudly display his fortune while finding a wife of equal social status. This all begins with the importance of obtaining an actual home that can lead to a pleasant life. The previous quote provides the groundwork for the rest of this essay, beginning in the next paragraph with the relationship between owning a home and wealth. An examination of the scene where Emma and Harriet visit a poor sick family shows that owning a home
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