An Examination of Factors Contributing to Identity Development and Adjustment

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The process of adopting a child internationally is lengthy, costly, and both physically and emotionally exhausting.Since it takes so much to adopt, only a small number of Americans can and do; mostly middle- and upper-middle class couples.Therefore, many internationally adopted children grow up in an environment with ready access to resources, with adults who are able to support them financially and emotionally.In such narrow socioeconomic circumstances, the question then arises: What accounts for those internationally adopted children and youth who do not adjust well?What factors contribute to the normal, healthy development of these individuals?Examining international adoption also brings up this point:Is there really a significant…show more content…
It is also unclear from this study whether adoptee mothers were more receptive and sensitive to their child?s behavior. Also, perhaps attachment is not a factor in determining whether infants will grow up to be well-adjusted children and eventually adults. A longitudinal study conducted on trans-racially adopted infants would perhaps help answer this question.Perhaps at 11 months of age, an infant hasn?t reached the point where he or she stops instinctually attaching.

In looking at the circumstances of an international adoption, one cannot discount the influence that both parents have on the child.A study comparing Israeli families who adopted domestically with those who adopted internationally found significant differences in parenting styles and family life (Levy-Schiff, Zoran, & Shulman, 1997).Overall, parents who internationally adopted generated more positive feelings about the adoption and raising their child.In turn, their adopted children perceived the family environment as ?more controlling? than did the domestically adopted children (Levy et al, p. 123).

These findings suggest that the event of internationally adopting affects the way that a parent perceives their child, and in turn how they treat the child.This could have an impact on development.A possible explanation for a difference in treatment is that
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