An Examination of Selected Marketing Mix Elements

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Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science An Examination of Selected Marketing Mix Elements and Brand Equity Boonghee Yoo, Naveen Donthu and Sungho Lee Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 2000; 28; 195 DOI: 10.1177/0092070300282002 The online version of this article can be found at: Published by: On behalf of: Academy of Marketing Science Additional services and information for Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science can be found at: Email Alerts: Subscriptions: Reprints: Permissions:…show more content…
Downloaded from at BROOKLYN COLL on February 16, 2008 © 2000 Academy of Marketing Science. All rights reserved. Not for commercial use or unauthorized distribution. 196 JOURNAL OF THE ACADEMY OF MARKETING SCIENCE SPRING 2000 FIGURE 1 A Conceptual Framework of Brand Equity market responses (Lane and Jacobson 1995; Simon and Sullivan 1993) and determines the extendability of a brand name (Rangaswamy et al. 1993). It also increases the probability of brand choice, willingness to pay premium prices, marketing communication effectiveness, and brand licensing opportunities, and decreases vulnerability to competitive marketing actions and elastic responses to price increases (Barwise 1993; Farquhar et al. 1991; Keller 1993; Simon and Sullivan 1993; Smith and Park 1992). In summary, from a managerial perspective, brand equity provides sustainable competitive advantages to the firm (Bharadwaj, Varadarajan, and Fahy 1993). Brand Equity and Its Dimensionality We test hypotheses in a field survey of existing brands in three product categories. In the next section, we present a conceptual framework of brand equity. We then review literature relevant to the relationships among the constructs and propose the research hypotheses. After describing the research method and reporting the results, we discuss implications of the findings and directions for future research. CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK Figure 1 exhibits our conceptual framework of
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