An Examination of the Potential of REACH's Convenience Meal Program

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An Examination of the Potential of REACH's Convenience Meal Program Introduction The purpose of this paper is to examine the value that the Convenience Meal (CM) program has to Regina Education and Action on Child Hunger (REACH). The CM program sells frozen meals primarily to senior citizens in Regina. It is a unique program which serves an undeserved demographic. This paper will seek to first better understand the environment in which the CM program operates, before examining its importance to REACH as an organization. In doing so it will become clear if and how the program should be expanded. Environmental Scan Demographic Changes There can be no doubt that the population and proportion of senior citizens is growing. Between…show more content…
(Elections Canada 2008) This allows seniors to help set the agenda, in large part because they must be included in election platforms. This influence will only increase as the number of seniors grow. In fact, the government has already commissioned several reports on the issue of serving an ageing population. One such report from the Saskatchewan Provincial Advisory Committee of Older Persons makes two recommendations that are of particular interest to REACH. The first is that the government work to disseminate information about home care services to clients to increase program uptake. The other is that existing community organizations be asked to provide a range of services to assist individuals maintain their independence. (Saskatchewan Provincial Advisory Committee of Older Persons. 2003) A Home Care Program Review prepared by Hollander Analytical Services reiterates this second point. (2006) Given the demographic and political realities, coupled with the policy advice the government is receiving, it is likely that the government will act on this issue and that it will seek to do so through established community-based organizations. The Importance of The Convenience Meal Program to REACH REACH is an organization which is concerned about food security. While it's name and its mandate are currently focused on children, its programs are not limited to that group. With the increasing senior population

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