An Example Of A Negative Leadership Behavior

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Having to deal with a negative behavioral leader in time can only make the workday as agonizing for those of us around them. Such behavior is deemed to cause lower organizational productivity as well as employee declined confidence and morale.

Details of the experience
An example of a negative leadership behavior I encountered some time ago now, I was in charge for running the front office of a local furniture store which consisted of responsibilities for various cash registers, accounting duties plus purchasing of inventory products on owner’s pre-approval terms. In addition, I carried the responsibility for preparing final agreement contracts for client furniture sale purchases. My boss, not only was the store owner also personally directed the success of the store since its inception being in business over twenty years and having 24 employees despite his great success was characterized as a highly arrogant, inflexible fear striking old man. Well, times were suddenly getting really hard and extremely slow during the financial crisis as a result people were becoming limited on spending. Subsequently, most were losing their jobs, therefore, unable to purchase nor coming in to make their monthly payments. Previously, sales were up the roof with very high profits generated for a stable long time. This lead the owner to make the dictatorial decision to increase his inventory for his profit driven interest due to prior high revenue monthly sales displayed. I remembered, in
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