An Example Of A Private Sector Business

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Business Organisations Task 1

A private sector business is a business that is part of the economy that is not state controlled. It is run by individuals and companies who are mainly for profit. These businesses are not owned or operated by government. An example of a private sector business would be ASDA. Asda Stores limited is an American owned, British founded supermarket retailer. The company has been a subsidiary of the American retail company Wal-Mart since July 1999, and is now the second-largest supermarket chain by market share (Corporate Watch 1996-2014). The company provides normal goods for the public. They offer service to the public and strive for excellence business. I chose this example because ASDA is a large company that is aiming for profit and it is a private sector business.

A public sector business is a business that usually composed of organisations that are owned and operated by the government (PrivacySense2015).
The primary difference between public and private sector businesses is who they for. Public sector employees are who those work for government. An example of public sector would be public schools. The purpose of schools is that they provide education for the young people and public schools are funded by government to offer education to students. I chose public schools business they are from public sector and because they use government funding to offer education to the children. Public schools offer free education and they are
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