An Example Of An Academic Decorum

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An academic decorum is work ethic and attitude towards school. We all have been making our academic decorum since we stepped into our first class. An example of a good academic decorum is not being disruptive in class, but also doing good in school working hard, and striving to get good grades. Also academic decorum can be how efficiently work is done in class. An academic decorum can also be used to have a good work ethic about anything in life. For example if I want to be a better football player I’m going to have to work hard to get there. I’m going to have to work out with weights and do conditioning. That’s going to take a good work ethic, and I also can’t get distracted, because then I won’t get anything done. I have always been a good student, all throughout grade school I kept screwing around to a minimum. I’ve always had a good work ethic; I strive to get my work done on time, and to the best of my ability. I would view myself as a contributor to a good academic decorum. Occasionally I’ll pack up early in class, distract the class, but everyone has times like that. I remember a time in 5th grade we were all in class, and the teacher was teaching. My friend said something so funny, so I started laughing, and I couldn’t stop laughing. The teacher told me to stop, but it was just too funny to stop. That is one example of one of the times I was demonstrating a bad example of academic decorum. A good example of me having aa academic decorum was in 6th grade at the last
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