An Example Of Diffusion Of The Plasma Membrane

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I. Introduction There’s not much that comes to mind when it’s time for that first cup of coffee in the morning except hoping that it’s strong enough to stimulate the mind for the time being. This real life scenario is an example of diffusion. Simple right? When cream is poured into coffee it remains heavily concentrated in the area it was poured at and eventually spreads throughout it. The more the coffee is stirred the quicker the cream spreads even more. Sugar would do the same thing as well. This is an example of how the interstitial fluids work within the bodies of humans. Interstitial fluids that enclose in on a cell would be the cell membrane or the plasma membrane’s doing. It creates a barrier between the internal fluids and the exterior environment. When the body moves, the diffusing of the molecules within it accelerates. The plasma membrane is made up of many substances, like salts, vitamins, nutrients, waste products, etc… The plasma membrane dictates what enters and makes sure it’s sufficient. It blocks out the other substances that isn’t needed. Also it happens to be selectively permeable. This means either the molecules progress on without a hassle or there may be a little difficulty to progress on. Materials traverse through the membrane by two methods, which are called passive process and active process. In this lab passive process is part of the main focus. Energy from the cell isn’t a necessity when it comes to passive process. The word diffuse…
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