An Example Of Distulty: An Essay On Modesty

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Shawna Peter
November 13, 2017
English 120
Professor Curuso


What is modesty? What does it mean to be modest? Maybe it is a feeling or style. Is it the way people speak? Is modesty a positive or negative idea? How can one be modest? A person can be modest by appearance and attitude, behavior. There is also a part for in modesty about cultural beliefs and religious beliefs. Modesty is a concept not based solely on appearance, but attitude, cultural and religious beliefs.
Gwen, 18, and her sister Taylor, 14, were getting ready for their first day of high school. Taylor pulled out an extremely short mini skirt, yellow tube top, and gladiator sandals. Gwen, on the other hand, had a different choice of style. Her choice was a purple, medium
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Not to be confused with confidence, when a person a is sure of themselves and knows who they are no matter what anybody says about them. Here is an example of modesty. “ Miss, you did a wonderful job. You should come sing for our recording company; We would love to have you on our team.” One man said Carey responded graciously, “Thank you for the offer, but I am still learning. I intend on receiving more training.”
She acknowledged that she was good, but not all that. Carey also showed common courtesy. It is better for an individual to show modesty, even when they know that they are excellent at what they do; rather than coming off as ‘full of
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The sisters, Gwen and Taylor showed what modesty looked in reference to appearance for young ladies. Anastasia, the woman at the curb showed how society judges based on your outward appearance. Boastful Mariah and meek Carey pointed out modesty from someone’s attitude and demeanor. Natives the tribal regions and demonstrated modesty in their territory vs. modesty in America and other parts of the world. Last, the differentiation between the two religions Christianity and Muslim and their beliefs about modesty. I hope this essay gives everyone an idea about modesty and they will form their own
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