An Example Of How Society Changed Change

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Brianna Perrotta Crim 220-001 Instructor John Murphy Prompt: Discuss an example of how society was changed due to a change in law: Prohibition. The law is changing everyday for many reasons; these reasons may include Alcohol, Drugs, New ideas, Advancements, Government, Economics, Religion, Education, Family life, Recreation, and New technologies. Crime is the reason America has had to create rules to keep order to our society. These rules are followed my most citizens and those that chose to not follow are placed in jails and holding facilities. In the early 1900s Religious groups decided to make their own rules. This was known as the Prohibition. Prohibition was a constitutional ban under the 18th Amendment that was nationwide on all manufacturing/ making, distributing, and transporting of alcohol. Prohibition was intended to improve, even allow the lives of all Americans to protect individuals, families, and society at large from the effects of alcohol abuse. Reversely, prohibition did exactly the opposite. I chose prohibition because I believe it had a huge effect on America and alcohol in the early 19th century and is still changing to this day. In our society today the drinking age is at 21 years old, there tends to be a lot of underage drinking in our society although it does not consume the population’s lives like it did in colonial times. Legal history has been changing due to the change in generations. Law changes if there are issues that may harm people or
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