An Example Of Physical Abuse

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Abuse is behaviour towards a person which deliberately or unintentionally causes harm to them. It is a violation of an individual’s human and civil rights and in the worst cases can result in death. There are 6 types of abuse: • Physical Abuse • Sexual Abuse • Emotional Abuse • Financial Abuse • Neglect • Discrimination Physical Abuse Physical Abuse is when someone physically causes you harm, this can include things such as; hitting, kicking, pulling hair, pinching, scratching, shaking or (in a care related situation), giving someone too much or not enough medicine. An example of physical abuse in care setting is if you are to punch or kick someone intentionally to cause harm to them. Another example would be a personal carer not giving an elderly person the correct amount of medicine at the right times to cause harm. Sexual Abuse Sexual Abuse is when someone is making you do sexual things and actions which might make you sad, angry or frightened. This includes things such as; being touched when you do not want to be, being made to touch other people in ways you do not want to, undressing or having sexual intercourse with someone when you do not want to, or being made to watch or say sexual things when you do not want to. Sexual abuse is not always between strangers, and can be between husband and wife, or two members of the family. An example of this is if a boyfriend was to touch their girlfriend inappropriately and they did not want them to, or maybe the girlfriend’s
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