An Example Using Theoretical Soap Is Good For The Environment Essay

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Within New Zealand there are various forms of legal greenwashing, the example provided by the participant being the BNZ bank investing in a Kiwi recovery program, while at the same time investing in oil exploration. Ambiguous claims by advertising are also legal and terms that imply nature, such as those which leave the consumer with the perception that it is good for the world only it is the opposite. The only instance where it is illegal is when the product implicitly claims to do something it does not. To explain this concept an example using theoretical soap was provided by the research participant, “‘using this soap is good for the environment’ is illegal whereas ‘using this soap is better for the environment’ is not; in light of what is the soap better than, using acid?” Currently the participant was unaware of any schemes in New Zealand that would allow governments and regulatory sectors to serve the public and advise them on green purchasing in a way that is fair to commercial interests. However, regarding green labels, credibility can be judged by looking at the packaging; credentials are typically referred to on packaging and on the company’s website. This lack of recognized green labels provides an opportunity for established brands, for instance Greenpeace to step in and provide more. Unfortunately, within New Zealand the participant did believe this would occur under any foreseeable government, stating that “implementing something like this would require society
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