An Example of a Graduation Speech

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Tonight marks the culmination of this long journey- we are the graduating class of 2014.
Graduation is one of those awkward times in our lives when we are torn between letting go of our safe haven where we have many a cherished memory and anticipating a new path where the destination is but a speck of hope. Should we look back on what were the greatest twelve years of our lives- times filled with joy from the day we picked out our first schoolbags until the day we emptied our lockers for the last time? Or should we focus on the next stage in this journey called LIFE? We have been impatiently waiting for this day, and now, all we want to do is hit pause, rewind, and play. We want to slow it down and enjoy the last fleeting moments, but we can’t stop the clock from ticking- it’s time to let go and fly!
This long journey that began twelve years ago was a blank book, and we were all eager to fill the pages. We will always look back on the days we spent from preschool to high school- those days long ago, the world seemed so innocent; however, soon enough, we became aware that real life is different, and we began to face some of the many experiences of adulthood. As the years passed, we learned not to allow external circumstances to define us. That’s right; our book was being written on our own terms.
Every year,…
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