An Example of a Graduation Speech

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Attention Grabbing Step: After years of writing papers, doing homework, taking an occasional pop quiz, and of course taking countless exams, it is that time that we all anticipate…Graduation! Purpose Statement: Since the majority of us are seniors, and graduation is a little less than a month away, I am going to provide you with some historical background information and some fun facts about graduation in order to make the occasion even more meaningful than it already is. Road Map: Most of you could probably agree that high school was quite the experience with several ups and downs along the way. No matter which direction you seemed to be heading, the end destination for everyone is graduation. Need Step: Sometimes referred to as commencement, the graduation ceremony serves many purposes. Mostly, the ceremony is considered a rite of passage and marks a transition from one stage in a student’s life to another. Typically, friends and family of the graduate gather to celebrate the occasion. In a recent United States survey, $985 was the average amount spent on graduation celebrations. I guess you could say graduating is a big thing! Although most understand the basic concept behind graduation, have you wondered what the history behind the ceremony, cap, and gown is?
Satisfaction Step: According to Yahoo, the origin of the graduation ceremony began in 1432 at Oxford University. While each ceremony may have small differences, most ceremonies share many
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