An Example of a Needs Assessment Project

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Needs Assessment

We interviewed twelve people in detail about their transportation usage. We selected participants who lived in affluent, suburban neighborhoods that have limited access to public transportation. The participants varied in age between 22 and 64, and all had completed some form of higher education. Each participant had one or more private vehicles in their household. We prepared a list of general questions to discover their feelings about alternative modes of transportation such as carsharing. We asked the subjects to perform part of their daily transportation routine and observed them as they drove their cars to various destinations during a contextual inquiry style interview (Beyer and Holtzblatt). On average, each interview lasted approximately one hour.
Our industry sponsor, Mercedes Benz R&D North America, provided us with a large amount of survey and focus group data from a representative suburban community. This community is home to approximately 20,000 residents living in more than 7,000 homes. We received survey data from 180 residents about their transportation destinations in and around the community. We also received recordings of one-hour focus group meetings for three age groups: teenagers, adults, and elderly residents. We organized the survey data…

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