An Excerpt From 'Capter 23': Personal Narrative

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Capter 23 We had all woken up survival steve was shouting GET UP he told us to get the boat we would head out in 5 min I saw something red like 10 feet from the campfire I went to go check it out what I saw was shocking it was some kind of meat then i saw the tracks from the motorcycles I think the bike gang dropped them I instantly went and asked survival steve if it was edible yep he said it was ribs from pigs he opened it and got a long stick sharpened it poked it through ribs and put it over the fire 3 min later they were ready everyone got 2 ribs they were really good after that we got back in the boat and started rowing I saw the secret passageway the bike gang leader had told me I said turn that way I pointed left they looked at me

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