An Excerpt From 'Invisible Girl': A Narrative Fiction

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The next chapter I felt the steam rise up and come out of my ears! Had my teacher betrayed me? But what I was more worried about mama and all of my brothers and sisters. Were they going to get found by the border patrol? Were we going to get separated? These were all the things I thought about when we went down the road in the white van that looked like it had been treated with no care to get Robert at Santa Maria High School. "You illegals are always causing so much trouble, why do you even come here? Seems like too much trouble to me." In my head I was furious! He had no idea of the troubles of us getting here, or how hard we had it every day or what it was like it was in Mex Just as I started thinking about that we pulled up to Santa…show more content…
"He will not look for us there." I followed him quietly to the small store. When Roberto pushed on the door a bell rang so we ran as fast as we could into the store. We ducked down from a shelf so that no one could see us. "Do you think he saw us?" I asked Roberto. "No" Roberto replied. "He would have shouted at us." We slowly made our way around the store on our hands and knees to find a place to hide. We found some barrels to hide behind. "Come on Panchito, help me move this barrel" Roberto said with a worried tone. We started to move a barrel, it was very heavy so we decided to climb over them. About 30 seconds after we hopped over the border patrol man came over with a dolly and lifted the barrel with another man helping him. Me and Roberto had to get behind one barrel so he would not see us. My heart started to race. Would he see us? To my relief he did not. About 5 Minutes later we heard a car screech out of the gas station. "I think he left and he is looking for us!" Roberto said a little excitedly. "We must get going!" I said a little too loudly. "Hey!" The owner shouted. "You thief's" "We are not thief's." I insisted. "Get out!" The owner yelled ignoring
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