An Excerpt From 'Lost In A Insane Asylum'

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Lost in a insane asylum
By: Layne sweat Where did they go… I hope they know, know where I am and they are cause this time it went too far. They’re probably just messing around just like they always do. They just run and hide when i’m not paying attention and then they pop out and scare me. I kept on walking silently as I was scared out of my mind. Knowing in the next 10 steps I took I would be running for my life because I was so scared. Maybe I would be actually running from something else not my friends? I began to wonder if my friends really ditched me or if they were being held a knife against there throat so they wouldn’t speak. Then the next step I heard screaming of my friend in the room behind me. I jumped a little but I didn’t
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Jack exploded through the whole which pushed Cayden out, And we were safe like money in a lock couldn’t get reached until some bright lights blinded us and we fell. Bet you couldn’t guess who that was. The cops were right there and we were in some trouble. He was a nice cop and probably the only one that would believe the story. He dropped us off at Jacks and we were in huge trouble everyone went home and it was a bad night for all of us. The next day at school we were quieter than a mouse trying to get cheese. We decided to never talk about that day again until we were all alone with each other where nobody could hear. So we were and we started walking towards the pond so we could be alone and the we saw them the clown looking things with deformed faces. Then we ran to the carnival the was going on. And then everyone started screaming at the north end of it we saw some spray going up in the air and then the lights went black as night and we hid in the house of mirrors. There was a crack in the door so we watched through that and saw light flashing and they were taking selfies with the people. We saw someone forehead as big as the eiffel tower. They were screaming “NOW YOU'RE LIKE US, NOW YOU'RE LIKE US, NOW YOU'RE LIKE US”.Then we knew that
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