An Exciting English 101 Course

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Welcome to an exciting English 101 course! In this composition course, you are expected to help each other develop a unique writing style that is appropriate for college. This development will be done through a series of in-class writings, revisions, peer editing, and grammar, writing, and reading exercises. In order to write effectively, we will write on a regular basis and read and discuss engaging topics revolving around the theme of the individual and social response to dystopian conditions. We will also explore the questions: Is there a glimmer of hope under these dehumanizing conditions? How does that hope impact the characters and dystopian conditions? In particular, we will study works that addresses race, class, and gender oppression. The primary texts will include contemporary novels, films, and critical works from mainstream and non-mainstream publications. As a community of learners, my goal is that you will interact actively to enrich each other’s writing and understanding of these topics. (Prerequisites: Eligibility for English 101 based on prior coursework or COMPASS, ACT, or SAT test scores, or Consent of Department Chairperson. 150 minutes per week. 3 credit-hours. 16 week-long semester. IAI Approved, Number C1 900.)

In this course, you are required to cooperate with each other to further your and the community’s understanding of materials covered in class. You must engage critically and respectfully with the community…

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