An Executive Order Creating The Task Force Essay

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On December 18,2014, President Barack Obama inscribed an executive order creating the Task Force on 21st century policing. There were 11 member on the task force including 100 other people from different stakeholders groups. Some were law enforcement officers, advocates, researchers, academics, and others. There were six main topics but they are known as pillars. The first pillar is Building Trust and Legitimacy. The second pillar is Policy and Oversight. The third pillar is Technology and Social Media. The fourth pillar is Community Policing and Crime Reduction. The fifth pillar is Officer Training and Education. The sixth pillar is Officer Safety and Wellness. The president plays a big role on the task force and has done a lot to achieve this. They focus on core issues for example poverty, health, safety, and education. The force was accustomed 90 days to organize hearings, review the research and make recommendations to the the president. The special police unit mission was to help development of group relationships. Special police unit was formed based on their ability to give clearly connected way of seeing different things sensible views. For example the right to vote, free speech, to fair fair and equal treatment and being treated respectfully as a human being. There were seven sessions that were listened to hear testimony. The first listening session was Building Trust and Legitimacy. Justice and policing were deliberate. The public trust was a big factor and

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