An Expected Tragedy Occurred On My Life

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July 7th, 2012 an expected tragedy occurred. It’s amazing how we take things for granted. We go throughout our day thinking everything is going to be fine with the plans we made, and don’t think twice about how our plans can be taken away at any moment. I didn’t think about it much, until I was faced with a wake-up call, a death of my grandmother. I don’t think anybody really thinks about a misfortune until they are faced with one. Around 1ish on July 7th, 2012 we were told to come to the hospital because of an emergency with my grandma. My family and I rushed to get there. In my head I was wondering what was going on and what was going to happen to her. I was so nervous because it was so unexpected to me because the other day she was…show more content…
There’s also a curtain that’s attached to a metal railing on the celling, the can wrap around the patients bed. In the second part of the room there’s two couches. One by the window and one on the left of the couch by the window. Beside the couch by the window there another small table. My family and I saw her on her death bed. She was laying down, still alive in her hospital dress with tubes coming from her body. She couldn’t talk and she was so stiff. Her arms were bigger than they were supposed to be and they were very pale and a bit purple and blue. Her face was very puffy and pale too. I felt so speechless, gloomy, and sorry. Tears were coming down my face just seeing her like that. It seemed that they didn’t stop coming down from my face. I pulled some tissues from the tissue box and whipped my tears. As I looked over I saw my mother, sister, brother, and dad were crying as well. Then, I overheard the adults saying they tried to give her a liver from a family member but none of theirs matched my grandmothers. So the doctors said they were going to wait for another patient to die so they can do the liver transplant because the patient had the type of liver my grandmother needed. Time flew by and more people were showing up to support her. When other people came in they started crying as soon as they saw how my grandmother looked. One of her friends went up to
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