An Experiment Of Depression And Its Effect On The Quality And Accuracy Essay

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Maglione, Mcglynn, & Gellad, 2011). Lastly, some of the research articles did not carry out an experiment in depression; they had paper idea themes written down referencing other research articles. Meaning that the research was not conducted by the person writing the article, but was referencing someone else’s work. CRITICAL APPRAISAL OF THE EVIDENCE Strength of the Evidence According to Evidence Hierarchies Evidence Based Practice hierarchies rank research articles based on their quality and accuracy. The evidence hierarchy allows you to choose from the best research evidence from top to bottom based on the significance of the research article. Meta Analysis is on top of the hierarchy followed by random controlled trials, quantitative evaluation & design, pretest-posttest design, posttest only design, qualitative case design, and clinical wisdom (E. Weiss, personal communications, September 9, 2016). Systematic reviews and meta-analysis are on the top of the hierarchy and were conducted on the study from Grenard et al. (2011). However, the research designs by Bayliss and Holttum, (2015), a qualitative (quasi-experimental) design was listed on the bottom of the hierarchical triangle, meaning the articles evidence are low in strength. In addition, the single case study by Cromarty, Jonsson, Moorhead, & Freeston, (2011), was also listed on the bottom of the hierarchal triangle, which is also ranked low in strength. The social worker also encountered rigorous studies that
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